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Banned microplastic in the cosmetic industry

Little things that make a big difference.

The cosmetic sector is increasingly taking seriously, the problem of environmental pollution, caused by plastic.

The topic of microplastics, in particular, has become a hot topic due to its impact on the marine environment: the plastic microbeads present in scrubs for their exfoliating properties have been banned in various countries of the European Union since 2019. For some time now, Herbelia has been using 2 completely natural products as exfoliating agents : delicate jojoba wax granules for the face (jojoba scrub) and a powder extracted from bamboo for the body (you&me and ayur up peeling). The jojoba granules have a perfectly spherical shape, which ensures gentle exfoliation, and small dimensions, which guarantee their uniform distribution in the cosmetic. Bamboo powder has a high concentration of hydrated silica (over 87%) which promotes cell renewal, refines skin texture, unclogs pores and promotes the penetration and effectiveness of cosmetics used for body care . Skin care companies must always pay particular attention to the environment that hosts us with a view, to a lifestyle in harmony with the surrounding world.

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