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Getting ready for the Summer

Sun, fun, friends and family. Summer is the most beautiful season, all to be experienced. But in order for our skin to enjoy itself during this period, it is good to prepare it in the best possible way. Indeed, in the summer, our skin becomes more stressed: sun, perspiration, saltiness and chlorine are the main cause, but there can be many remedies. Here are 4 ideas to take care of our face and body during this wonderful time of year. Cleansing Choose a delicate detention with products that do not damage the integrity of the lipid barrier of our skin. And if the urge to exfoliate calls, respond with a purifying mask that eliminates toxins but doesn't irritate, followed by a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. 2. Protection The sun is one of the main factors in skin ageing. Its UVA and UVB rays that penetrate the skin and damage it are the cause. For this reason, it is always good practice to prevent any possible problems by choosing protection with SPF designed for your phototype, capable of shielding and hydrating at the same time. We must not forget the most sensitive areas, especially the face, such as the eye and lip contour, on which a specific product must be applied, nor to protect yourself both at the sea and in the mountains during the summer months. 3. Moisturize A good moisturizer can certainly help hyaluronic acid put to the test by the sun's ultraviolet rays, but accompanying the constant application of a good cream with correct nutrition can certainly help. The ideal would be to drink plenty of water and choose fresh, seasonal products rich in vitamins. And if the summer beauty routine isn't enough, combine a specific body treatment for the season such as the Sunny Massage: a scrub massage that prepares the skin for the sun's rays, activating the tan.

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