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Healthy Aging: the concept of time passing by, and changes in the skin

While previously we did everything to appear young, today the concept of healthy aging takes over : accepting the passage of time and doing it in the best possible way. The passage of time manifests itself to others with visible effects on the skin: the complexion changes, the epidermis ability to retain skin hydration decreases, the degradation of elastin gives lower elasticity and that of collagen generates deep wrinkles on the face also on the body. Skin aging depends on the synergistic action of 2 factors:

  1. chronoaging or physiological aging, linked to one's genetic code ;

  2. photoaging , linked to exposure to sunlight.

Both chrono aging and photoaging are responsible for the formation of free radicals: very reactive molecules that interact negatively with cellular components (DNA, proteins, lipids). Today it is possible to assert that every age has its beauty , thanks to the greater predisposition to take care of ourselves. Attention to ourselves goes from searching for the most suitable cosmetic or treatment to adopting a lifestyle that enhances the natural changes that the passage of time imposes. The term anti aging is banned, which reinforces the message that aging is a condition to be fought. Instead, the concept of successful aging was born , understood as good physical, psychological and social functioning.

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