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Herbelia Basic Facial

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Supplies you need                    Available Educational Material:

glass/rubber bowl,                            Instructional DVD

head band                                        Herbelia sound music CD

cotton squares                                  Herbelia Poster




Herbelia Basic Facial

 Products Used: Struccante Occhi - Eye makeup remover Hydrolatte - Cleansing Milk Jojoba Scrub - Exfoliant Fito Idro - Essential Oil Fito Luminose - Essential Oil Intenssive Occhi - Eye cream Intensive Occhi e Labra- Eye and Lip Cream Chito Mask - Mask Hydrotonico - Toner Hydrocream - Day cream Greet the Client, offer a glass of water and request the completion of a medical history form.  Escort the client into the treatment room and address any questions of concerns the client may have in regards to her skin or that may have come up on the form.   Tell the client you are going to leave to allow her to disrobe, and ask her to lie down, face up, under the covers on the treatment bed. After coming back into the room begin the service: Procedure: Wash your hands

  • Cleanse eye and lip area with struccante Occhi (eye make-up remover)

  • Apply small quantities of Hydrolatte

(cleansing milk) all over the face from the forehead to decolletage.

  • Remove any excess milk with dampened cotton disks.

  • Pat dry with tissues

  • In a small bowl put around 2 teaspoons of Jojoba Scrub and 2 pipettes of Fito idro and Fito luminose.

  • In case of an aged skin, mix 2 pipettes of  Fito idro in the Jojoba Scrub and leave to rest for 10 minutes.  Eventually also when a steamer it is used.

  • Then massage well, especially on the T-zone for around 5 minutes.

  • Remove with dampened cotton disks.

  • Pat dry with tissues.

  • Massage on face, neck and decolletage Fito Luminose and Fito Idro.

  • Dampen a mask with Hydrotonico place well over face and neck, and leave to rest for around 5 min.

  • Remove mask.

  • Pat dry with tissues.

  • Follow up with a  massage

  • Apply Intensive Occhi E Labbra around the eye and lip area, in case of eye bags or swelling use Intensive Occhi Drena eye cream

  • In a small bowl put 3 teaspoons of Chito Mask and the 2 pipettes of Fito Idro mix and apply mask.

  • Cover eyes with damp cotton pads.

  • Remove the Mask and any excess mask with Hydrotonico.

  • Pat dry with tissues.

  • Massage Hydrocream on face and decolletage.

Let the client know the treatment was concluded & allow her to get dressed.  Once dressed escort her to the reception area, and advice her to drink water and discuss post-treatment needs.  Also enquire about a convenient time to schedule the next treatment, and always thank the client for allowing you to take care of her skin.

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