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Red Coral

Skin Coral Pro

THINGS It is a professional facial protocol designed to take care of the most demanding skins, where elements donated by nature, such as coral and spirulina algae give that extra boost to cellular vitality. WHAT DOES HE DO Exfoliation with chemical peels removes the layer of superficial dead cells, illuminating the complexion, but, above all, stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin: reinforcing the dermal structure and improving skin firmness. The hydrating, nourishing and regenerating masks are enhanced by the addition of red coral innovation, the coral with an anti-ageing and compacting action, or ayur up protein mask, the remineralizing and toning spirulina algae. PURPOSE OF THE TREATMENT The beautician has highly functional protocols available to treat all skin types, especially those that require a greater supply of minerals and vitamins. Are you interested in our treatments?

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