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Skin Elements

THINGS It is a professional facial protocol based on lipidomics, studied for various skin blemishes: it moisturizes, lightens dark spots, reduces wrinkles and soothes reddened skin. The possibility of choosing between peel complex, chemical peeling with mandelic, citric and tartaric acid, and between the different concentrations of glycomplex gel, based on glycolic acid, allows you to treat the most sensitive or thicker skin, based on the occurrence. It's a global protocol, because it can be used on all skin types, and a specific one, because it is customized according to the blemish. WHAT DOES HE DO Thanks to pulling oil, a sebum-like oil, the 4 serums, land, air, fire and water, are able to perform their functionality to the fullest. Pulling oil, with a structure similar to that of the cell membrane, makes way for the pure and highly concentrated active ingredients of the serums, conveying them and enhancing the result. The beautician mixes all the active ingredients with a shaker and creates a specific mask with a perfect lipophilic/hydrophilic balance. Land serum with arbutin, kojic acid and vitamin C lightens and prevents the formation of dark spots. Air serum prevents skin aging thanks to its high antioxidant power (vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid, superoxide dismutase). Fire serum aims to soothe and reduce the redness of the face of sensitive skin, attacked and made fragile by various factors thanks to aloe, glycyrrhetic acid and bisabolol. Water serum hydrates the skin, making it appear healthy and compact, thanks to a high concentration of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: its small size allows it to penetrate deeply and plump the tissues. PURPOSE OF THE TREATMENT The beautician has at his disposal a professional treatment, simple to implement, extremely functional and customizable for the various skin blemishes of the face. Thanks to lipidomics and the high concentration of active ingredients, it is possible to treat all skin blemishes on the face, restoring the FIS (surface hydrolipidic film), accelerating and guaranteeing sensational results right from the first session.

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