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Skin Elements and Feng Shui

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Literally translated, the term feng shui means wind-water.  In traditional Chinese Medicine, symbolically, feng has the meaning of wind/air and represents yang or masculine energy and shui has the meaning water and represents yin of feminine energy.  Yang should be thought of as outgoing, like a centrifugal force, while yin should be thought of as receiving, like gravity.  They are two parts of the same whole that create a duo energy that fuels all living things.

Using the feng shui bagua, color and the five element chart, you can see how energy flows through your spa space.  The goal is to create a safe and sacred space for clients to feel nourished that represents you and your essence.

The bagua, meaning eight areas, is a feng shui template that is used as an overlay to observe the natural flow of energy in your entire spa and individual rooms.  This is represented in a table:

Hold the bagua table in your hand as you stand at the main entrance.  Your entrance will be through one of the following areas: knowledge/ self-cultivation, life path/ career, or helpful people/ travel.  Overlay your chart onto your room based on the entrance.  The far right corner will always be your relationships/ service area, and the far left corner will always be the wealth/ empowerment area.


Each color has its own vibratory rate that helps to energize, stimulate and even lift the spirits.  Warm colors, including red, orange and yellow, are most stimulating and energizing.  Blues and purples are cool and considered to be the most calming and enlightening.  As a shade gets closer to red, it becomes more stimulating; as it moves closer to blue, it becomes more calming.  Yellow is energizing, helping to lift the spirits; while green symbolizes new growth, balance and healing.  Each color has an intensity range, meaning how bright or soft it appears.  The brighter the color the more energy it will generate.  Your space will benefit most from soft, calming colors of the walls with corresponding color accents to match the various bagua areas you choose to enhance.

Five Elements:

They are a core part of traditional Chinese Medicine, as they represent the cyclical energy flow of nature.  Each is explained in the chart below:

Pulling it All Together:

You don’t need to use every part of the bagua table.  Pick one or two areas to focus on rather than trying to make adjustments in all nine areas at once.

Starting in the relationships/ service area is ideal; it will enhance your client relationships.  Use the color pink, the color of love, predominantely.  Also, display things in sets of two, like rose quartz hearts or crystals.  The knowledge/ self-cultivation area, across from the relationships/ service corner is also a good place to focus because it represents your level of skill and gives you credibility. 

Use symbols of wisdom, like your license, in this area.  Excluding wisdom attracts a better quality of client.  Keeping a clutter free area will help to enhance wealth, along with using symbols like red silk mystic knot with coins, a fountain, a bamboo plant or citrine crystals.  Also, remember to keep trash and laundry out of sight.

There is no need to force these, just appreciate the laws of nature and honor them.  Allow the energy to flow through, not just your work but throughout your whole life.

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