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Your Beauty Routine

To maintain a healthy appearance it is essential to start taking care of yourself and your skin as soon as possible.

Already around the age of 25, when the first signs of expression appear, you must have adopted a correct beauty routine for life .

Constant skin care catered to your skin's needs, combined with habits that in line with what is required for a healthy life, significantly influences skin health and well-being.

The choice of cosmetics is aimed at improving the maintenance of the physiology of the skin and appendages: the objective is to strengthen the natural renewal process of the skin through the stimulation of fibroblasts and stimulate the skin microcirculation for greater tissue appearance.

Cleansing is essential and

must be repeated morning and evening as a ritual, always respecting the hydrolipidic film, i.e. using oils or milks which carry out their cleansing role by affinity.

Functional cosmetics should be chosen based on the needs of each individual, remembering that:

  • hyaluronic acid and collagen increase skin hydration and firmness;

  • retinol and derivatives accelerate skin regeneration;

  • ascorbic acid and arbutin lighten and brighten the skin;

  • alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate.

The daily use of protective cosmetics against solar radiation with an adequate protection factor (SPF: Solar Protection Factor) capable of reducing its harmful effects is essential.

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