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Blink's innovation is in its formulation without paraben, perfume, talc, D5 and allergenic substances.

Blink combs and defines each individual eyelash with an immediate volumizing effect. The hourglass brush is suitable for a volume effect: thanks to the lateral curves it reaches all the lashes in one shot, following the natural anatomy of the rhyme of the eye. 


mascara is creamy and adaptable, with perfect adherence and thickening effect thanks to a particular combination of waxes. A mixture of film-forming agents gives it fluidity and forms a film on the eyelashes for real definition and resistance to humidity, ensuring that the eyelashes remain in perfect condition in any weather condition.
Volume and definition in a single solution: eyelashes appear instantly long, raised and multiplied with perfect resistance to humidity.

It is recommended to apply it on clean eyelashes, starting from the root and moving to the tip with a zigzag movement. Holding the brush vertically, they separate and curve the lashes.


  • Blink Mascara

    Blink is a volumizing mascara: the effect of thick and elongated eyelashes is guaranteed.

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