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Glycomplex cream day cream

Glycomplex cream day cream

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Glycomplex Cream 8% exfoliates and regenerates the epidermis.

  • It Contains:controlled-release glycolic acid: incorporated in cyclodextrins, it acts on the cementing substance of the stratum corneum, which functions as a keratinocyte binder, thus free to detach gently (exfoliation).
  • The deep regenerating action produces remarkable results in the treatment of oily, comedogenic and acneic skin and skin hyperpigmentation; it also decreases the depth of wrinkles, improving the elasticity and hydration of the skin.
  • Rosehip oil: rich in linoleic and linolenic acid, it represents a very concentrated source of vitamin F and vitagens F useful for all dry, dry skin with problems of excessive aging.Jojoba oil: it is used in small concentrations for its total absence of comedogenia, for the presence of natural antioxidants and for the excellent degree of skin absorption.Soy protein: they have an intense moisturizing action, thanks to their strong hydrophilicity.
  • Vitamin A - E liposomes: liposomes, due to their structure similar to that of cell membranes, are able to carry vitamin A and vitamin E into the tissues.
  • Vitamin A protects the skin and mucous membranes, helps to restore damaged skin and improves the conditions of dry and rough skin.
  • Vitamin E has a moisturizing and antioxidant action.In the case of oily and impure skin, it is recommended to use glycomplex cream 8% in the evening to facilitate the escape of impurities.
  • For acne-prone skin, above glycomplex cream8% it is recommended to apply puricream only on the T zone and on the blackheads.
  • In the case of mature and dry skin, it is recommended to use Glycomplex Cream 8% in the evening to stimulate fibroblasts and convey the specific cream and serum applied subsequently.
  • Once a week, it is recommended to always apply it in the evening in a thicker layer as a cleaning mask to leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse.


    • Glycolic acid night cream 8%
    • Night cream with glycolic acid 8%
    • Noche cream with 8% glycólico acid
    • Nachtcreme mit 8%
    • GlykolsäureCrème de nuit avec de acido glycolique 8%

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