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Hydrolatte cleans, soothes and hydrates delicate, dry and dehydrated skin; it has high decongestant and moisturizing qualities, in fact it contains:

  • sweet almond oil: it has excellent eudermic and sebum-like characteristics and moisturizing and dermoprotective properties.
  • Soy protein: they have an intense moisturizing action, thanks to their strong hydrophilicity.
  • Chamomile: it has a soothing, emollient and anti-reddening action for delicate and easily reddened skin.
  • Calendula and mallow: they contain mucilaginous substances, pectins and gums that retain water and act as moisturizers. They also have emollient, protective, soothing and decongestant activity.

It is recommended to massage and rinse Hydrolatte after Eye Makeup Remover and before Hydrotonico to complete the cleansing of the face, neck and décolleté.

  • Product Information

    • Delicate cleansing milk
    • Delicate cleansing milk
    • Leche facial suave
    • Sanfte Reinigungsmilch
    • Lait démaquillant délicat
    • Hydrolatte quantity
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