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Lotzione Douce

Lotzione Douce

Lotione Douce calms and decongests red or couperose skin; it is a soothing tonic lotion, without alcohol and without perfume.

  • It Contains:distilled water of witch hazel and calendula: they have a reddening, soothing, decongestant and emollient action.
  • Soy proteins: have an intense moisturizing action and help improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Cyclodextrins: derived from starch, they have a moisturizing action.It is recommended to tap Lotione Douce with cotton pads, after Eye Makeup Remover and Hydrolatte , to complete the cleansing of the face, neck and décolléte of sensitive and couperose skin.
  • It is also ideal for use as a compress as a soothing product on skin reddened by the use of products with glycolic or mandelic acid.
  • products information

    • Soothing tonic lotion without alcohol
    • Alcohol free calming tonic lotion
    • Locion soothing tonic sin alcohol
    • Beruhigende Tonic-Lotion ohne Alkohol
    • Lotion tonique et calming without alcohol
    Lotione Douce 
    Category: SkinTags: Cleansers / Lotions , Skin Dry & Dehydrated , Sensitive Skin c / blotches , Face
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