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Purilight purifies, moisturizes and soothes mixed, oily and seborrheic skin. It is a cream-gel, easily absorbed and low in oils.
It Contains:

  • jojoba oil: it is used in small concentration for its total absence of comedogenia, for the presence of natural antioxidants (alpha, gamma and delta tocopherols) and for the excellent degree of skin absorption.
  • Vitamin A - E liposomes: thanks to their structure similar to that of cell membranes, liposomes are able to carry a wide range of active substances such as vitamin A and vitamin E in the tissues. Vitamin A protects the skin and mucous membranes, helps to restore damaged skin and improves conditions of dry and rough skin. Vitamin E, acting as a natural antioxidant, plays a fundamental role in maintaining the integrity of cell membranes.
  • Allantoin: performs an anti-inflammatory, calming and disinfectant function.
  • Lemon: has a strong purifying and antiseptic activity.
  • Burdock: has an antibiotic-like activity against Staphylococcal infections and against furunculosis.
  • Calendula: contains mucilaginous substances, pectins and gums that retain water and act as moisturizers.
  • Distilled witch hazel water: it has a strong astringent and lightening action for oily, oily skin, with dilated follicles or for skin that is easy to redden.
  • Methionine: it is an amino acid useful in the treatment of oily and impure skin due to its antiseborrheic activity.

On cleansed face, it is recommended to massage Purilight  in the morning.

  • product information

    • Day cream for impure skin
    • Morning cream for oily skins
    • Cream for the impure skin
    • Tagescreme für unreine Haut
    • Crème de jour pour les peaux impures
    Category: SkinTags: Purifying , Face
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