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Ultra Deep Stretch

Ultra Deep Stretch

Deep Stretch relaxes and hydrates the eye and lip area. It Contains:Hyaluronic acid: it is also known as nature's moisturizer, it forms a barrier on the skin and has a high power to bind water.

It has healing properties, in fact it normalizes cell migration and proliferation and prevents UV damage by protecting the epidermis by counteracting ROS (reactive oxygen species).

The use of hyaluronic acid strengthens the natural hydration of the skin both in the short and long term, improves the barrier function of the skin and skin elasticity, reduces the maximum skin roughness, decreasing the depth of wrinkles.

Soy protein: they have an intense moisturizing action, thanks to their strong hydrophilicity.

Vitamin E: it is a natural antioxidant, it not only represents an effective protection for the skin exposed to solar radiation in a more or less prolonged way, but it contributes to keeping intact the hydrolipidic coat of the epidermis. Lola Implexa: it is a seaweed that decreases expression lines and micro wrinkles, in fact it has a muscle relaxant activity because it inhibits contractile fibers through an action on neuromediators.

However, this activity is absolutely safe, in fact the muscle relaxant activity is reversible and lasts about 24 hours.

By rinsing the active ingredient, you return to normal activity in about 2 hours.On cleansed skin, it is recommended to massage Deep Stretch morning and evening on the eye and lip area.

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