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Ultra Soul Mirror

Ultra Soul Mirror

Soul Mirror helps deflate eye bags and lighten dark circles.
It Contains:

  • hesperitin: it is a flavonoid present in most citrus fruits and in particular in orange. It reduces the aggravation of the phenomenon of bags under the eyes, decreasing capillary permeability and reducing edema; it performs a capillary and vasoregulatory activity, increasing the resistance of the capillaries, and an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, reducing the release of histamine and leukotrienes.
  • Cornflower essential water: it is able to fight conjunctivitis, inflammations and keeps the eyes rested thanks to the stimulation of the epidermal immune system. In addition, it has tonic, astringent and refreshing properties.
  • Ruscogenin: a pure active ingredient present in the butcher's rhizome, it acts on lymphatic drainage through a vasoconstricting, anti-inflammatory and normalizing action of blood vessels.
  • Phosphatidylcholine: main constituent of the liposomes of vitamin A, it is able to increase lipolysis and reduce fat deposits under the eyes.
  • Pantrofina Pc: it is an extract coming from the bark of the maritime pine, it acts on the inflammatory component, blocking the inflammatory process.

On cleansed skin, it is recommended to massage Soul Mirror morning and evening around the eyes, making the product absorb with a draining massage with gentle pressure of the fingertips starting from the inside in the direction of the temples.

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